• Towing Guide

    Mavice launched one of its most sophisticated applications for Ford Motor Company ever: a dynamic towing and payload calculator in June 2022. This product answers the age-old consumer dilemma, “What powertrain, build, and truck model fits my towing and hauling needs?” Previously, choosing the correct combination of truck build parameters…

  • Reimagine Ford Vehicle Homepage 1.0

    Mavice partnered with Ford Motor Company to launch a redesigned vehicle homepage for the all-new, electric, 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning truck. The mission was to execute a content-rich, clean experience that evokes an informative, yet emotional, response to the newest and most innovative member of the Ford portfolio. The release…

  • Ford’s Tier 1 Global Vehicle Configuration System Roll-Out

    Problem Ford needed to change the back-end vehicle data configuration engine and services to handle current and future business needs. The vehicle data configuration engine populates product-correct vehicle data and pricing information to downstream marketing properties. This change impacted the entire Tier 1 consumer-facing application portfolio which would need to…

  • Ford.com AEM Launch

    In 6 months, Mavice concepted, architected, prototyped, user-tested, developed, QAed and deployed this industry leading AEM Brand Site experience.

  • AEM & AngularJS Build and Price

    In 12 months, Mavice concepted, designed, architected, prototyped, user-tested, developed, QAed and deployed this industry-leading AEM and AngularJS Build and Price solution across all Ford nameplates and segments, including commercial.

  • YP Business Solutions

    YP engaged us to completely reimagine their website from the ground up. Initial CT rates increased by 42%!

  • Custom AEM CMS Vehicle Data Management

    A custom CMS within AEM to support a Global content syndication strategy for Ford.

  • AEM & AngularJS Needs-Based Showroom

    Improved customer experience and maintenance for Ford’s need-based showroom with completely data-driven UI.

  • Global, Reusable AEM Components

    Mavice developed components that can be reused across applications and locations, simplifying authoring across multiple brands.

  • Hi5 Employee Recognition

    Turn recognition into a game! Our Hi5 app makes it easy and fun to build and maintain a positive company culture, increase employee satisfaction and reduce turnover.