• Towing Guide

    Mavice launched one of its most sophisticated applications for Ford Motor Company ever: a dynamic towing and payload calculator in June 2022. This product answers the age-old consumer dilemma, “What powertrain, build, and truck model fits my towing and hauling needs?” Previously, choosing the correct combination of truck build parameters proved to be nebulous; a bigger engine and transmission doesn’t always yield the most towing capability. A customer would guess and check the configuration hoping to the find the magic combination that would fit his/her specifications. The users found this frustrating. Now, the robust new tool combines a simplified consumer-facing form on the front-end with a custom back-end algorithm driven by complex logic, data, and services that supports thousands of truck VINs.

    The Towing Guide is a single-page application that utilizes Vue.js SPA editable components on a scalable framework. It launched on Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 —free from any major defects— and has consistently supported uninterrupted, steady traffic levels.